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Discover How Swords and Drogheda Locals are Losing Weight and Getting Fit With Fitness Forte

Karen Lunney/ 35/ Swords/ occupation

Over the past Year or So I Have Lost 4 Stone

The best decision I ever made in relation to my health, fitness, mindset and nutrition was to join Fitness Forté.  The trainers are A1.  Always there to give advice on nutrition etc.  making sure you are exercising correctly using proper techniques.  I love my early morning class.  Sets me up for the day.  Everyone is so down to earth, motivated, supportive and encouraging.  Great craic and banter from the trainers and crew.  Fitness Forté and it’s family care about you.

Sylvia Smith/ 42/ Swords/ occupation

I would highly recommend Fitness Forté.

I would highly recommend Fitness Forté.  The support you get is second to none. The trainers are amazing  keeping you focused and helping you achieve great results.  Doing their 6 week challenge was the best thing I ever did.  Thank you so much Keith Karen and Eoin for all the great sessions.

Ed Sweeney/ 36/ Swords/ occupation

Getting best results I’ve had in long time

Half way through my six week program and getting best results I’ve had in long time. Energy levels through the roof. Program brings a lot of concepts together in a structured manner that if you stick to, will get results. The classes are challenging, rewarding, interesting and small so you have the trainers’ attention as required. Highly recommend Fitness Forté

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Fitness Forté Can Help You

At Fitness Forté we understand you are the kind of person who wants to be the healthiest version of yourself. In order to be that way, you need to create healthy habits to help you lose weight, get fit and feel more confident. The challenge is that there's so much conflicting information about what to do to get the results you want, which makes you feel lost and confused.

We believe transforming your health and fitness is as simple as creating healthy habits. We understand you may have tried and failed in the past. That’s why our program is designed to take you through the process step by step to ensure that this time you get the results you want and maintain them for the long term.
Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Workout at least 3 times per week in our private members studio.
Step 2. Follow a healthy, but not restrictive, nutrition program
Step 3. Be consistent, patient and trust in the process

Take action today, so you can stop procrastinating on your health and fitness and start living the life you want with confidence and endless energy.

About Our Programming

  • 3 workouts per week at our private facility with a Personal Training Coach guiding you every step of the way
  • Full body workouts designed specifically to burn maximum calories and help give that toned look
  • Flexible exercise schedule to tie in with your busy calendar. Use our simple booking system to book in each day
  • Full support throughout with nutrition and mindset, so you are always focused and in the right frame of mind
  • No boring or restrictive meal plans, our flexible and tasty nutrition program is designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle
  • Regular check-ins throughout the duration of the program
  • Non-stop support throughout the entire transformation through our private members group

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit before I start?

Not at all, our experienced Coaches are used to working with complete beginners who have never worked out before. The programs are designed for you to work at your level.

How long are training sessions?

Each workout is 45 minutes long, with a focus on warming up correctly to ensure your joints and muscles are loose and warm enough to work out.

What time are training sessions?

We are open 7 days with and extensive timetable of early mornings, mid mornings and evenings. You can find our timetable on the website.

I have a special dietary requirement?

We will work closely with you on nutrition, so whatever food you do or don't eat is not a problem.

What equipment do I need to bring?

You only need to bring yourself and a water bottle, we will provide the rest.

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